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We can provide a stand alone or fully certifiable system to meet your needs.

Businesses that recognise the need to address the strategic issues affecting them are usually the ones which grow and prosper, to this end ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out a framework of essential elements for putting an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) in place.

The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impacts. This came about because of growing concern worldwide about the environment and the effect of modern industrial processes on it.

Naturally, the UK Government is trying to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, and locally, councils are providing more and more recycling centres for bottles, cardboard, paper, redundant white goods etc. but

How do environmental concerns impact on your business?

Not only do we all have to take responsibility for our business processes -both ethically and practically, there are severe punishments now in place for polluters of land, air and water, set out in statute.

ISO 14001 has many similarities to ISO 9001, now acknowledged internationally as the premier quality assurance award, and just in the way that many organisations and customers are insisting that their suppliers have ISO 9001, they are demanding that their suppliers acquire ISO 14001 accreditation.

Implementing an Environmental Management System is a systematic way to discover and control the effects your company has on the environment. Cost savings can be made through improved efficiency and productivity. These are achieved by detecting ways to minimise waste and dispose of it more effectively and by learning how to use energy more efficiently. It verifies compliance with current legislation and makes insurance cover more accessible.

Demonstrating a real commitment to the environment can transform your corporate culture externally by opening up new business opportunities with environmentally aware customers or clients, while internally it can improve employee ethics and the workplace. ISO 14001:2004 compliance can also provide your company with a better use of energy and resources, and reduce costs over time.

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